The first ever ‘Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival’ comes to Jaipur from 28 February to 1 March

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Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival, a world-class music festival is coming to Jaipur from 28 February to 1 March. The three-day festival organized by Seher India in association with UNESCO and Rajasthan Tourism will see performances by musicians from America, Canada, Cuba, Germany and India, free of cost at the iconic Central Park in Jaipur– a nominated World Heritage City by UNESCO. The festival aims to open a window for Indian music lovers to the joys of jazz.

Kirk Macdonald

Fresh from the huge success of the 5th Edition of the Vedanta Udaipur World Music Festival recently, Seher introduces yet another set of eclectic groups from around the globe in the realm of Jazz and Blues. This is being done as Jazz has its Genesis as the music of the oppressed and expression of slavery in the U.S. and came to be known as the voice of resilience and defiance against the oppressors. Today this genre has far greater relevance with tremendous resonance with the youth of our country. 

Seher India has curated an assorted mix of contemporary, fusion, Latin and mainstream Jazz as well as electric, punk and soul-blues on a single platform, making it a destination festival for music lovers.  Among the notable musicians participating in the festival are Sungazers (USA), Kirk MacDonald (Canada), Joao  Bittencourt (Brazil), Bianca Gizmoti Trio ( Brazil), Nikhita Gandhi (India), Dhruv Vishwanath ( India) among others.

Dhruv Vishwanath



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