Five Rajasthani Dishes you should definitely try.

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Rajasthan is a state known for its delectable cuisine. The real essence of Rajasthan cannot be gauged without trying its different delicacies. We’ve made your job easier by listing five unique and must- have Rajasthani dishes. Warning: Keep tissues handy while trying these dishes as they are overloaded with spices.


Rajasthan is almost synonymous with ‘Dal Baati Choorma’. Baatis or flaky round breads baked over firewood or the conventional kandas (cow dung cakes) are mercilessly dipped in pure ghee and served with ‘daal’/lentils . Churma, a popular Rajasthani dessert is made using crushed baatis mixed with sugar or jaggery and ghee. Any vacation, wedding or celebration in Rajasthan is incomplete without this popular dish.


Image source: Foodnculture


This traditional  dish is made using ker berry and sangri beans. Prepared using a great blend of spices, this is often used as a pickle to accompany meals and  can make you eyes and nose water. Considered a royal delicacy, it is almost mandatory in all weddings.


Image source : MarwarSpices


This is another highly famed Rajasthani dish. It consists of dumplings  made from ‘besan’/gram flour dipped in a spicy youghurt based curry. This lip smacking delicacy can be thoroughly enjoyed with puri/roti/rice.


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The age old khichdi made using daal and rice is common in almost all parts of Northern India. Bajre ki Khichdi is a unique specialty of Rajasthan. Since rice is not very popular in Rajasthan, black millets or bajra is used. Served along with powdered sugar and ghee, accompaniments like curd, pickle and chutney can add immensely to the taste of  this mouth watering dish.

Bajre Ki Namkeen Khichdi_Jaipur

Image source: MharoRajasthanRecipes


Papad is usually eaten as an accompaniment with whole meals but in Rajasthan owing to the lack of vegetables, papad is used as the main ingredient of the highly popular ‘Papad Sabzi’. Papad is broken into small pieces and added to a spicy gravy made using spices and curd. Made in less than ten minutes, this dish can be your savior when you’ve run out of veggies.


Image source: Showmethecurry

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