What is Galta ji and How Can You Visit The Place

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Galtaji is an antiquated Hindu journey in the Indian province of Rajasthan, around 10 km from Jaipur. The site comprises of a progression of sanctuaries worked in the ring of slopes encompassing Jaipur in a limited cleft.

A characteristic spring arises high on the slope and streams descending, filling a progression of sacred kunds where travelers wash. 

Guests and explorers can climb the chasm, proceed past the most elevated water pool to a peak sanctuary from where there are perspectives on Jaipur and its fortresses spread over the valley floor.

A Saint named Galav is accepted to have lived here, rehearsed reflection, and did retribution (Tapasya). 

Galtaji Temple A Quick Guide To Know Everything About The Place

Galtaji Temple is an ancient Hindu journey site situated on the edges of the regal city of Jaipur. It is made out of a few holy places, blessed kunds, structures, and regular springs laid out by the striking Aravalli slopes

This superb sanctuary is situated in the core of a sloping landscape limited by a delightful crevasse that draws in guests here consistently.

Galtaji Temple was worked with pink sandstone tone and is an immense sanctuary complex that houses fluctuated places of worship. 

The dividers of this sanctuary, inside the City Palace, are perfectly brightened with carvings and works of art that make this spot worth visiting.

The sanctuary of Galtaji is extraordinary in its engineering and was assembled like a castle. 

Where is it situated?

It is situated in the slopes of Aravalli and is lined by thick plum trees and brambles. This exceptional structure has painted dividers, round rooftops, and columns to improve it.

Aside from the kunds, there are sanctuaries of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, and Lord Hanuman inside the sanctuary in this pre-noteworthy Hindu journey place as well. 

One of Jaipur’s primary traveler objections, the sanctuary complex flaunts normal freshwater springs, and seven consecrated ‘kunds’ or water tanks.

The ‘Galta Kund‘ is the holiest of these kunds and is accepted never to get dry. From the ‘Gaumukh‘ a stone shaped like the top of a cow, unadulterated and Clear water streams into the tanks. 

This marvelous sanctuary looks more like a fabulous royal residence or haveli than a customary sanctuary. The Galta Monkey Temple has an excellent beautiful scene with rich green vegetation and a tremendous perspective on Jaipur town.

This sanctuary is known for the numerous priest clans found here, just as for the strict songs and drones and the regular setting. 


The grand pink sandstone structure is said to have been worked by Diwan Rao Kriparam, who was a Sawai Jai Singh II subject.

Galtaji has been a shelter for the puritans having a place with the Ramanadi group and under the control of the Jogis since the mid-sixteenth century. 

Holy person Galtav is accepted to have consumed this entire time on earth at this hallowed site, performing Tapasya for a long time. 

Things to see close by 

Galtaji Temple is an example of Rajasthan’s previous illustrious life, with astounding design that entrances you.

The touring spots at the sanctuary are Galwar Bagh Gate, an excellent pink construction that is appropriate for the immense inside complex, while Galta Temple is the fundamental sanctuary in the complex.

Additionally worth a Visit is Hanuman Temple, for its design as well as for the many monkeys that can be found here. The Temple of Brahma, the Temple of Vishnu, and the Kund of Galta is attractive and ought to be visited.

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