Jaipur’s Apurvi Chandela Donates 5 Lakhs To Combat Coronavirus

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Jaipur’s 10 M Air Rifle woman shooter, Apurvi Chandela has donated a total of Rs. 5 lakhs to strengthen the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. She donated Rs. 3 lakhs to PM CARES Fund and Rs. 2 lakhs to the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Following the current Government guidelines during the lockdown period, she made online fund transfers from her personal savings. The donation came as a response to being motivated by the work being done by the Prime Minister of India, Rajasthan Chief Minister, various medical teams, police force and social workers. Apurvi is also engaged in social work to fight COVID-19.

She urged people to stay indoors and respect the guidelines set by the Government. She said that patience is key to win over Coronavirus and the need of the hour is to fight together to win over it. In the present situation, every drop in the ocean counts. Let us come together and listen to the appeal from our Prime Minister and Chief Minister. She is presently working as PRO at ONG

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