Make the most out of ‘social distancing’ during corona quarantine

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Guest Post by Freelance Journalist, Namita S Kalla

With social distancing being the need of the hour, it’s Home Time Folks! The coronavirus has locked us in, confining us to the closed doors of our abodes. Even those with no signs of illness are preferring quarantine in the time of global pandemic; COVID-19. The times are tough and we all need to fight the bigger monster in the house- ‘Boredom’. Here’s a list of things that you can do to fight the devil, keep your sanity intact whilst keeping sluggishness at bay. 

  1. Board Games

Yes Sir! Dig out those precious board games in your storeroom and bring them to your living room. While you may enjoy playing these games online, there is nothing like playing board games with family. A great way to kill the generation gap.

2. Workout together 

You cannot hit the gym but you can create one at your home. A family workout can be a good idea. Turn on some music, look for impressive YouTube videos on everything from yoga to aerobics and dance, and most importantly have the will to exercise. It is going to be funny at first (You’re about to have a laughing riot at home- or call it laughter therapy) but as the days pass by the family members will get serious. The result: A healthy family. 

3. Set the Stage 

You can perform stand-up comedy (even mimicking your friends/family and people around you counts) storytelling sessions, poetry recitation or book reading sessions.

There’s nothing better than your family’s version of India’s Got Talent. (Creating memes is also a talent, accept that!)

4. Open letter

Write an open letter to a friend, a family member or even a celebrity. Share it on social media (Everyone is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). A heartfelt message will brighten up someone’s day. Also, if you can, then pen it down on a paper and share a photo of the same. 

5. Divide and Rule 

Stay-at-home moms and dads will now have everyone at home 24×7. ‘Please don’t panic.’ In fact, consider this a blessing in disguise. The thumb rule during such times is, ‘Divide and Rule’. Divide the workload among family members and rule the home front. Designate work to everyone in the family, yes your kids too. 

6. Declutter The E-Clutter 

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Take time out to clear your electronic clutter. Those spam/ unwanted emails, the sundry selfies/videos on your phone, unnecessary downloads, unused bookmarks, call reminders, cloud storage etc. all need your attention. Save what you need and the rest you can select and then delete. 

7. Binge Watching

Gear up for the marathon; watch your favourite shows, movies, matches (Sports) with your family. Chuck the mobile phone and turn on the big screen at home. Dig good old movies/ shows (Some old evergreen classics include – Chupke Chupke, Angoor, Bawarchi, Namakhalal and TV shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Yeh jo hai Zindagi) 

8. Fun with Photos

It’s time to look for your old photographs, the ones you clicked way before selfies became a thing. Those pictures will incite nostalgia and bring out your childhood memories and are a great way to relive simpler times. Share the anecdotes with your family and friends, because every picture tells a story. 

9. Learn The Lingo 

We often struggle to understand the language that millennials use. This is your chance to ask the kids in the family to teach you the new-age lingo. Encourage the kids in the family to teach you the vital words. (You can treat them with their favourite dish in exchange. We hate to say this but bribery works). Cray, Turnt, Noob… ufff.

Stay home, stay safe!



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