‘Padmapriya’ by Sunita Shekhawat

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Perhaps for the first time, an exclusive signature collection of a jeweller will be on display only by appointment. The well known city based luxury jewellery designer, Sunita Shekhawat, is now ready with her new collection, Padmapriya. As the name suggests, the collection owes its inspiration to the lotus flower which is a symbol of purity and enlightenment. Keeping this in mind, the jewellery of this collection is crafted in hues of pink and green only. 


It will be showcased from 24th September at her new jewellery lounge, in C Scheme, after fixing an appointment by the  customer. The new collection will have a melange of meenakari sets, kundan sets curated and put together by the designer. Said Shekhawat: “My collections are ‘India-inspired’. The reason why I use this term is because the west is now moving towards our rich cultural heritage and design philosophies, while we ourselves forget to appreciate all that our history and culture has left around us. I have sought inspiration from my travels, art, architecture, nature and even the finer details and brush strokes in old paintings. After all these years, I return to my home and eternal muse, the pink city, for my latest collection – Padmapriya.”


One will be able to witness here a collection of jewellery from her early years, inspired by the royal eras, Victorian designs, and contemporary enakari pieces. The reason given by Shekhawat for only private entry, by an appointment, is so that personalised and focussed attention can be given to the client. The new jewellery lounge, which will showcase the collection, has been done up in a modern-heritage fusion style. The house colours purple and gold weave through the entire theme, present in the furniture, the wall paintings, the inlays and the carpets. The designer intended the store to mirror her work and style; authenticity, grandeur and attention to detail.


It is noteworthy that the brand ‘Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur’ has completed 20 years in jewellery business and has grown by leaps and bounds, winning several awards, accolades and titles along the way, including the recent inaugural Artisan Award early this year. The celebrated designer has been conferred the titles – ‘The Modern Meenakar’, ‘Queen of Kundan’, ‘Hermes of India’ by various media and publications.

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