5 Ways to Have a Budget-Friendly and Memorable New Year’s Eve!

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Written by Ishika Kachhwaha

As the year pushes towards an end, it kicks our thoughts and anxieties up in planning the ought-to-be-great New Year’s Eve.

But the end of the year also happens to be the end of the month and also end of your hard-earned salary! But don’t worry because we have found the perfect ways to have a worthwhile evening of fun and celebration without your burning a hole in your pocket! Be it with your family, friends, partner or colleagues, everyone deserves the perfect new years!


new year ideas_jaipur

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Those who want someone to set up their evening of celebration, should turn to the numerous clubs, bars, resorts, hotels and societies around the city that offer New Year packages! These places will ensure your venue, food and music is just right to ring in the New Years for the right price.


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Nothing beats the simplicity and fun of a bonfire night with the close ones. It can be at somebody’s place or a bit away from the city for some scenic venue. Burning fire keeps you warm on the winter nights as the aroma of the grilled food snuggles its way through your nose! And all of it under the stars with the company of your favorite people, this is what you call the magic of simplicity! You’d be even luckier if somebody in your group happens to be a singer or musician! If not, we Indians have a way with Antakshari and music played on the loop.



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House parties are seriously under-rated! You get to be the DJ, have your own choice of food, get the people you want and best of all, when too drunk, you can always hit the sac wherever you are. House parties are the pauper to the princess of clubbing, but just as fun! A personalized touch of drinking games, board games, cooking-together and whatever-you-like make them even more memorable!



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Well those who are somehow stuck at work on the New Year’s can rather just have fun where they are than sulking and cribbing. After all, New Year should be about better and positive things, right? As the day begins to close, grab a carton of beer and cheer with your colleagues. Make it a pre-booze for your real night or you can just extend the party right there with your work-mates. Life is too short to not enjoy the little things! Cheers!



new year ideas_jaipur

The introverts, the moody-maniacs or ‘broke’ people and especially the ones who find their company the best, what’s better than staying back at home by yourself?

Read if you like; watch a movie if you like. Order in your favorite food while sipping on wine, cola or chocolate shake! Not only will it save you the extravagant money you’ll have to spend at a party, you can also excuse yourself from the bone-chilling cold out there as you snuggle in the blanket. [Personal tip- Add some fairy lights. They have a way to just make everything oh-so-beautiful!] Feeling the vibe already?


Just in case, you’re setting up a bonfire night or a house party, don’t forget to invite us over!

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