Beat the Heat Away with these amazing sessions of Water Ballet in Jaipur

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The temperature is at its peak and Jaipurites are trying out new ways to beat the heat. From cold drinks and ice lollies to staying indoors in air conditioned rooms, everyone has their own way to keep themselves cool during the summers. Founder of Jaipur based dance studio, Stripes Inc, Adittee Somani has devised a unique way to not just keep cool in summers but also stay fit. Known for introducing ballet dance for the first time in Jaipur, Adittee has gone a step further and brought to the fore the concept of Water Ballet.

Shedding light on how it all began, Adittee says: “The idea of introducing water ballet in Jaipur struck my mind when I was relaxing in a pool during a holiday. Once I was back, I began with training 5 girls last year and till now I have trained over 50 women. These women include not just young girls but even ladies as old as 60 years.”

Water Ballet in Jaipur
Adittee Somani

The water dance routine begins with walking, jogging, running and jumping in water. This is followed by stretching exercises of different body parts like arms, legs, neck, among others. Balancing the body is another important component of water ballet.

Water Ballet in Jaipur

Working out in water has numerous advantages as compared to exercising on land.  For an older age group, it is easier to exercise in water as the joints move easily in water. Furthermore, the posture is always better in water as half of the body weight is supported by water. For those who are looking to lose weight, water ballet is a great way to burn fat as it improves muscle endurance as well as flexibility immensely. Water’s continuous resistance forces one to engage more muscle fibers through a large range of motion. One can easily build strength and shape one’s muscle without getting tired in water. And above all, it is a great way to have fun and learn a new dance form.

Water Ballet in Jaipur

So what are you waiting for? Put over your swimsuit and dive in! The next batch for water ballet in Jaipur is from 3 June to 14 June at Alsisar Haveli from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Follow them here

Water Ballet in Jaipur

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