Beauty Tips: OIL OIL GO AWAY!

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Summers can aggravate the skin to produce more oil for people with oily as well as normal skin. Excessive oil production on the skin can cause acne and whiteheads. Removing oil from the face is essential to maintain a healthy and clean skin. Many of us make the common mistake of investing in expensive beauty products to control the shine. Here are some simple and easy tips you can incorporate into your daily skin routine to keep the oil at bay.

Cleanse your Skin Gently

Throw away all cleansers with harsh chemicals in them. Switch to gentle foam or cream based cleansers. If you look at this now, you will understand that you ought to opt for a cleanser which has the words ‘hydrating’ or ‘moisturizing’ on them. Using such cleansers can allow you to skip moisturizing your skin afterwards. Use lukewarm water to wash your face for at least 3 mins in gentle circular motions. Afterwards, dry using a soft cotton face towel.

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Tone your Skin

It is important to note that there are two types of toners – astringents (with alcohol) and freshners (with rose water or green tea or caffeine). If you choose to opt for a toner with alcohol in it be sure to use a cotton ball for application only on the T-zone. This is the area which produces the most oil. Avoid the cheeks as this area can get over dried.

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Blot your Skin

Blotting papers are your best friend during the summer. Far better than using wet wipes, blotting papers gently remove all excess oil from your face. Be sure to carry a small pack with you wherever you go and blot the shine away throughout the day!

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Opt for Oil-free Products

Switch to products with the words ‘oil-free’ on them. Try to incorporate oil-free moisturisers and sunscreens into your skin routine. Many oily skin people are skeptical of using moisturizing products which is why they skin this step and end up drying their skin. Skin has the tendency to naturally produce oil when it detects no oil on the surface. By using oil free but moisturizing products, oil creation on skin can be lessened if not stopped entirely.

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Hydrate your Skin

As with most skin problems proper hydration solves all. Less water consumption can cause wrinkles, dull skin, and large pores. Drink plenty of water preferably 8 – 10 glasses a day. You can also opt for some yummy essence water recipes like lemon or watermelon or orange water.

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Avoid Greasy Food

Avoid consumption of oily and greasy junk food. Cut out unhealthy fats like in butter, red meat, and fried food from your diet. Replace them with healthy fats found in foods like nuts, seeds, and fish.

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